Engineering and Architecture Services

  • Technical office
  • Advice to the need to undertake a new activity / openings
  • Industrial projects
  • Proceedings before government agencies
  • Follow up to the full onset of activity
  • Reforms and adjustments to current regulations


  • Low voltage installations
  • Street lighting
  • Installations in tourism and hotel sector
  • Installations in shops and properties
  • Installations  in residential sector / housing
  • Installations in industrial establishments
  • Photovoltaic installations
  • Solar thermal systems
  • Wind energy installations
  • Mixed installations

Consulting services

  • Energy audits (lighting, air conditioning, hot water)
  • Energy Saving and Efficiency
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Services CNC machining center

  • Services of machining center are offered.

We have a milling machine with which we can perform any cutting of high precision to prepare posters, make print text and drawings on machinable composite plates, polyurethane, epoxy, acrylic, wood, etc

Vehicles and Equipment

  • Industrial transport vehicles, vertical works and installations.
  • Specific equipment for audits, measurements and installations
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Performing maintenance of facilities

  • Street lighting
  • Industrial plants (Desalination, sewage treatment plants, pumping stations)
  • Residential and Hotels

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